Saturday, March 22, 2014

YES, we can DO !

In a shiny day, a saint walking downs the beach
Eager to learn rather than teach

Thy saw picking up starfish a boy
And very gently throwing the toy into the sea
Confused thy asked
Why you throwing the toy?

The Sun is high and the tide is low
And if do not throw
They will simply die says the boy

Even more confused, thy says
The beach runs miles and miles
And all along your toys lie
What possible difference thou can make?

The boy picks his yet another toy
Gently throws past the bay
To its home where it belongs and says
It made the difference for that ONE

So why not my small effort can make a difference? Not only dolphins, but also each living creature on this earth have the right to live and survive in a good habitat as much as we human have. Being a most developed creature of the earth, it is also a moral responsibility of human to preserve the biodiversity for future generation. What led me to pursue the career in conservation sector is the above heart touching story. As story talks about, even a picking up a starfish along a beach and throwing it into the sea can save a life of at least one starfish. Saving a life a single starfish, or the Tiger or even a Dolphin does not mean saving a life of single individual /species, it is more than that. We know each piece of stone constitutes the wall of a house, even a single piece determines whether the raindrop can fall inside the house and can make a difference.

So, I decided to do that work and pursue that career, where I could do what we called human responsibility and where I could at least make a small difference for positive change. I started planting a tree on each birthday since 2012. So why it matters me to plant a single tree in a year? Assume if we all human plant a single tree a year and care it until we die, nearly 8 billion trees will be planted. Will we need any other radical approach to preserve our forests at that moment? Planting a tree is not just an isolated work, it’s a message; it’s a campaign that aims to convey that everything is possible if we work with positive intention, passion and dedication.
Birthday plantation at IOF Pokhara campus on January 01, 2014

I along with my colleague, Dipendra Nath did the Mechi-Mahakali (East-West Nepal) Cycle Yatra Rally) on the occasion of the UNFCC/COP 16 in November-December 2010; where we travelled more than 25 districts by cycle, and met more than 2000 students. Our objective was to sensitize students about the climate change issues and the plight of endangered wildlife in Nepal. Although it might be a small event for big organizations, it was great enough for me and more than what I can do from my level. It gave me pleasure in that that small effort could disseminate messages to more than 2000 students. At least, I was able to enrich the thinking of school students, who are our future ambassador of conservation and development.

During the Cycle Rally for Climate change awareness, 2010
I started writing newspaper articles while I was in class 10. The newspaper articles can be important sources of information for people who want to learn and do something good for a change in their capacity. So far, I have written more than 25 newspaper articles in local and national newspapers on environment related issues.

What I described above are a few ways that I choose to do as a part of my moral responsibility as human. These are just representative figures of such ways and there could a lot of means how we can do something positive for a change. The important thing is to pick up the right way at the right moment and practice it. Well, it is obvious that everyone can’t be a doctor, and even can’t be an engineer. If each person did his best and made even a single effort for positive change in his professional sector, it would be good enough to build a socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable world.
My articcle about wetland on Nagarik News daily in 2011

So, it’s a faith in my efforts for positive change that always inspires me to do even better in the future. Yes, we can’t get success always. Indeed, FAIL means The First Attempt In Learning as pointed out by the former president of India A.P.J Abdul Kalam. So we should never give up. I am always grateful to Mr. Man Bahadur Khadka, presently DFO of the Bara district who made me understand the essence of a small effort for  a big change.

 You all can be a part of this positive change.

I am doing as much as what I can, So DO YOUR PART!